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AccelWave Health Center

A new and different kind of clinic. We specialize in the most advanced and non-invasive paradigm-shifting patented technologies and proprietary protocols proven to accelerate healing and reduce or eliminate discomfort for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Experience the future of medicine today HealQuick. HealQuick is not an urgent care clinic. 

Revolutionary Accelerated Orthopaedic Injury Recovery and Pain Relief

About AccelWave Health Center

Non-Invasive Accelerated Healing

AccelWave offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art modalities and an uncommon expertise and experience to attain the best and quickest recoveries for patients who suffer from any of a wide variety chronic musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, including frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, tight hamstrings, sprains, arthritis, tendinitis, etc. 


Our carefully-chosen transformative medical technologies and highly-trained staff offer a unique service to those in need of getting back to the physical activities important to them, or who are simply tired of living with an uncomfortable musculoskeletal condition. Come see us, and be amazed at what is possible with our multiple patented extracorporeal shock wave wave therapy modalities and unmatched experience. 

We routinely work with, every level of athlete, from the weekend warrior all the way to top-tier professional athletes around the country. 

If chronic pain or a debilitating musculoskeletal condition is keeping you from working, schedule an appointment today for an evaluation by our medical staff. AccelWave Health Center's purpose is to help you reclaim your lifestyle that has been limited by musculoskeletal challenges. 


At AccelWave Health Center, we live by our name, and no one tells this story better than those who experienced it! Our patients are from all walks of life, professions and hobbies, each having in common the need to recover from a musculoskeletal condition that may have failed other therapies, but then moved on to rapid and profound recoveries with the help of AccelWave Health Center.

HealQuick Beasley Testimonial.jpg

Beasely Reese is a former professional athlete and a serious pianist.  He shares his experience with HealQuick and the benefits of non-invasive therapies.

Beasely Reese | President   NFL Alumni Association

HealQuick Lelan Deglin.jpg

Kellin Deglan shares his successful experience with HyperSonic Therapy (HST) and how it has changed his life.

Kelan Deglin. | MLB Player

Heal Quick Ryan Harris Testimonial.jpg

Ryan Harris talks about his success with HyperSonic Therapy after he had tried other more well known therapies with little success.

Ryan Harris | Patient


You came to the HealQuick Clinic website because of a musculoskeletal condition affecting your or a loved-one’s quality of life. These articles offer insights to why our clinic may be right for your individual set of circumstances.


Suite 150, Flr 1, Bldg 6, 750 Hammond Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30328


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