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Is There a Shoulder Therapy That Works?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Shoulder pain afflicts thousands of people every day. Shoulder pain can stem from many sources, including injuries, arthritis and frozen shoulder. Acute shoulder injuries should be seen by a medical doctor right away.

Chronic shoulder pain, from any source, is difficult to treat, treatment can take a long time, and resolution can be elusive. At last, there is a treatment that works wonders for most types of shoulder pain: wave therapy is noninvasive, safe and effective.

At HealQuick Clinic, we use the most advanced wave therapy equipment in the world, along with proprietary protocols, which have brought significant and often complete relief to patients suffering from chronic shoulder pain, even after years of suffering. wave therapy works quickly to shut down the inflammatory response, which results in pain relief and increased range of motion for most patients.

Additionally, wave therapy is scientifically shown to net-vascularize the treatment site, increasing blood flow permanently, which allows the body to heal the area, once and for all. A full treatment protocol takes as little as 3 clinic visits.

If you are suffering from chronic shoulder pain, do yourself a favor and book an appointment at HealQuick today, so that you may get back to your activities without drugs or surgery.

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