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The Truth About Wave Therapy

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Low-intensity wave therapy has helped countless people in Europe and American sports teams recover from acute and chronic injuries with unprecedented speed, for the past 20 years. Recent advances in the technology have resulted in even more efficient recoveries.

There are many regenerative modalities on the market that can work to initiate a healing response from the body. Most of the noninvasive varieties vary considerably in effect and typically work incrementally to assist healing, but often times either not sufficiently or not at all. Injectable or surgical varieties carry risks and are typically very expensive, while results can vary widely.

At HealQuick Clinic, we exist because we started out in medical practices that used invasive therapies, and once we discovered wave therapy, we understood very quickly that it outperforms all the other modalities in the vast majority of cases involving pain and inflammation.

There is a growing body of published clinical research confirming the healing power of this safe and effective game-changing therapy. If you have a painful chronic musculoskeletal condition and are looking for the fastest way to recovery, come see us at HealQuick Clinic and get on the way toward achieving this goal!

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